About Me

Welcome to Joey O Photography! My name is Joey. I am a professional portrait photographer located in the Raleigh, NC metro area, but my roots go back to Michigan.
Though my degree is in Graphic Design, I fell in love with my photography courses. The beautiful environment in the Upper Peninsula and my friendships with skilled mentors helped forge a path for my photography career. 
In 2017, my niece was born in Raleigh; moving was an easy decision to make. My wife and two dogs make it feel like home.
For the past four years, I've worked full time with infants and families. Every child is different, and I am constantly amazed at the diverse group of children that I work with. 

I have been working full time behind the camera with a company called Life365 Portraits. We focus on photographing infants and small children but love to get the entire family involved! I learn something new daily from the photographers to the clients I encounter, It is so crazy that every baby and toddler is so different in so many ways! The satisfaction of having a job that feels like living your dreams makes me so happy!

The love and dedication I have to photography is endless and if you choose me to capture the moments in your life you will cherish for eternity, I know you will be extremely satisfied with my work and friendly/out-going personality! Can't wait to hear all about your dream photo session and making it come to real life. 
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